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My Husband.

Thoughtful. Kind. Hilarious. Trustworthy. Honest. Fun. Adventurous. Confident. Reliable.

Those are the words that come to mind when I'm explaining William. I don't understand how i got so lucky, because I definitely didn't deserve him, but I'm glad the universe brought us together. Next month It will be nine years since we've been together and It hasn't been without trials and we both had to grow up a lot (mostly me) but I'm so glad we never gave up on each other. My husband is a pretty private person, hates social media, would rather stay in then go out and prefers the book over the movie. I on the other hand over-share at times, have every social media outlet, enjoy going out and the only thing I'm really reading is gossip magazines and books written by my favorite reality stars lol. Somehow it has worked and we actually surprisingly really enjoy each other. When I started dating Will he made it clear that he didn't believe in marriage and that I would have to be okay with it. I told him he would have to be okay with my non belief in Dinosaurs if I was supposed to be okay with his non belief in marriage. He proposed on our fifth dating anniversary... So since he changed one of his beliefs, I've since read more about dinosaurs (still not convinced) but compromising is what makes a relationship stronger, so it is what it is.

These past 3 months of watching him as a father have just made me somehow love him even more. I mean like I've always been super attracted to him, I remember seeing him for the first time walking into the starbucks I was working at and literally doing a double take, I was like, omg he looks even better in person (all i had seen was a myspace picture lol). But seriously, the attraction is on another level, I mean it makes sense he's a DILF now. Anywho, this post was just to brag about the fact I have the greatest life partner ever and that I'm so happy I ended up with him. We made the cutest little boy and we are building such a great life together. I just love him and this is all I ever wanted out of life...