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The end of Summer.

Ansels first summer was full of adventures, learning and lots of kisses. After 8 months with him It's still so crazy to say I have a kid. God I love him! What in the world was I doing without him?

I feel like this summer I did so much growing as well. I turned 30, set goals, realized (kinda) what I want to do with my life and built stronger bonds with family and friends. It's crazy what can happen in year and hey even in a summer.

Ansel keeps growing. He's got 8 teeth, loves standing up and trying to take a step. Enjoys food and long walks on the beach...seriously lol.

As I've gotten older summer has become my least favorite season... I've always loved fall, so I am excited it is among us. The weather gets cooler, I always plan all my fun in Fall, which i guess is kinda weird lol. We have Yosemite planned, disneyland booked and trying to plan a girls camping trip away with some of my mom friends. I'm so excited for getaways!!

I'm so excited to experience every season with Ansel!